Raffles: Bowled Over

mini-Raffles-bowled-overRaffles and Harry “Bunny” Manders are back, in this thrilling sequel to Raffles: The Gentleman Thief. Raffles decides to undertake a job close to home, at the Albany. His new neighbour is Rupert Robert Fuller, a powerful – and odious – financier. In order to distract Fuller, whilst he breaks into the banker’s opulent apartment, Raffles calls upon his friend – the cricketing legend C.B. Fry.
Yet how much is Raffles being distracted himself Mary Flanagan, Fuller’s beautiful and enigmatic maid? Has someone finally stolen the gentleman thief’s heart?

This brilliant novella will appeal to readers of the original Raffles stories, devotees of Sherlock Holmes, traditional detective stories, and fans of historical and cricketing fiction.

The Raffles series has been widely praised.

‘A capital story! Strong characters, sparkling dialogue, a plot with a twist as the gentleman thief plies his trade again. Devotees of the original stories will rejoice at his return: new fans will greet a fresh hero and wait impatiently for more adventures. Raffles, burglar extraordinaire, master cricketer, welcome back to The Albany!’ – David Dickinson, author of The Lord Powerscourt Mysteries

In Praise of Raffles: Bowled Over:
‘This story is not only a joy because of the wonderful characterizations of Raffles and Bunny, but the ret of the ensemble is both amusing and full of personality.I found myself often laughing with Raffles and cringing with Bunny at the various people they encounter. The casual mention of real people like H.G.Wells, Winston Churchill and the famous sportsman C.B.Fry – here a friend of Raffles – naturally brings authenticity to the story, and you really do feel like you’re witnessing history first hand.’ Dawn, The Baker Street Babes

Richard Foreman is a literary consultant and publicist. He cut his teeth in the book trade as a bookseller, before founding Chalke Authors. He is the author of ‘A Hero Of Our Time’, a best-selling novel set in World War Two.

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