The Great Pat Hobby

mini-The Great Pat HobbyA must-for Fitzgerald fans.

Richard Foreman delivers his second quartet of stories based upon the F. Scott Fitzgerald character, Pat Hobby. In these sparkling stories, the forty-nine year old screenwriter remains his own worst enemy, as well as being plagued by bad luck. Although filled with wit and satire, Foreman also writes with pathos and melancholy in regards to the fate of Pat Hobby – to the point where we feel both amusement and affection for the classic character.

The Great Pat Hobby contains the following four stories.

“Can’t Repeat The Past? Why Of Course You Can!”

Pat Hobby has been commissioned to re-write a classic film script, one that he worked on in the past. If Pat can turn around the script in time he might then be able to turn his fortunes around. But fortune favours the brave, rather than the inept.

Pat Hobby’s Race Against Thyme.

It’s the day of the big race and Pat Hobby needs to pick the right horse, not least because he needs to pay off his bar tab at Malley’s Tavern. Pat meets Sally, an attractive and lucky tipster. Will Pat win the race and the girl?

Whisky Galore.

“The lunatics have taken over the asylum,” the veteran director Frank Bradman exclaims, as forty-nine year old screenwriter Pat Hobby is given a part as an extra in a movie. Pat has just one line to deliver, in his role as a drunk. But unfortunately Pat may be taking his role too seriously.

“It’s Everybody’s Fight.”

Europe is at war, but Pat Hobby’s current battle is to convince the British actor Nigel Chester to sign up to a career in Hollywood. The two men find an ally in each other, but how much will Pat prove to be his own worst enemy again?

Praise for Foreman’s Raffles series:

‘A capital story! Strong characters, sparkling dialogue, a plot with a twist as the gentleman thief plies his trade again. Devotees of the original stories will rejoice at his return: new fans will greet a fresh hero and wait impatiently for more adventures. Raffles, burglar extraordinaire, master cricketer, welcome back to The Albany!’ (David Dickinson, author of The Lord Powerscourt Mysteries)

Richard Foreman is the author of the Raffles: The Gentleman Thief series of books and the historical novel, A Hero of Our Time. He lives in London.

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