Sword of Rome: Gladiator

mini-Sword of Empire GladiatorRome, 51BC

The centurion Lucius Oppius has left the battlefields of Gaul to venture to Rome.

But he is about to discover the capital of the Empire can be every bit as dangerous as its provinces.

Under orders from Caesar to secure an item of intelligence that will help him become a Consul again Oppius is manipulated into taking part in a gladiatorial contest.

The soldier must not only fight his enemies in the arena however. Marcus Porcius Cato warns “Caesar’s Champion” that victory inside the arena will bring death outside of it.

Oppius soon discovers that while in Gaul your the enemies stand before you in a shield wall in Rome they stab you in the back.

‘Sword of Rome: Gladiator’ is an action-packed novella that takes you into the heart of Rome and into the crucible of gladiatorial combat. As well as facing death and treachery, Oppius and his legionaries will also encounter a young Octavius Caesar and Pompey the Great.

The Sword of Rome series brings together history and adventure in stories which will appeal to fans of both Simon Scarrow and Bernard Cornwell.

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