A hero of our time

mini-A_Hero_Of_Our_Time updatedAmid the ruins of a Germany defeated in war, the Byronic Wehrmacht officer Robert Fischer attempts to win back his soul.

At the same time, his feelings are shaped by the guilt he feels towards a Jewish academic, who he serves as a jailor to, and the love he feels for Charlotte, a young nurse.

A Hero of Our Time climaxes with the invasion of the Russian army.

Robert Fischer will fight for his life – and something else.

A stunning debut, written in the tradition of the great Russian novels of Lermontov and Turgenev, A Hero of Our Time is both a tragic love story and also a story of war and redemption.

A Hero of Our Time is an elegant and arresting novel which will keep the reader engaged to the very last line.

‘An elegant novel which is awash with both hope and tragedy. A Hero of Our Time is a must read for anyone interested in WWII or 19th Century Russian Literature.’
(Nigel Jones, author of Countdown To Valkyrie)

Richard Foreman is the author of numerous best-selling books, including ‘Augustus: Son of Rome’ and the Raffles series of historical crime novellas. He is also the author of ‘Warsaw’, a literary novel set during the Second World War. He lives in London.

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