The Complete Pat Hobby

mini-The Complete Pat HobbyPat Hobby, the forty-nine year old screenwriter, is back.

Richard Foreman brings F. Scott Fitzgerald’s comic creation back to life – his cynicism, alcoholism and bad luck – in a collection of wonderfully funny and melancholy short stories.

Foreman, the acclaimed author of the Raffles series of books, injects his trademark dry wit and surprise twists into each story, whilst honouring the spirit of Fitzgerald’s original sketches.

The Complete Pat Hobby includes the following stories.

Hobby’s Horse

Pat Hobby is back. He has a new contract, a new secretary and he is writing a script for one of Hollywood’s biggest stars – the horse, Ajax. Pat duly treats himself to a few drinks to celebrate, but the morning after brings more than just a headache.

Pat Hobby’s Last Shot

Pat is a man with a plan. He is going to extract some money out of his ex-wife and her new husband for a film project. How? He is going to pretend to be dying. He has the morals (or lack of) and the plot for the movie. But is he in possession of that most precious of commodities in Hollywood, good luck?

Too Darn Hot

Pat Hobby is taking the afternoon off work. It’s too hot to work, he argues. Sleep beckons, as Pat is about to rest his head upon the bar – but the voice of an angel, the would-be actress Grace Turner, arouses him.

“Nobody Ever Became A Writer By Just Wanting To Be One”

“The lunatics have taken over the asylum,” Pat remarks. A box office star, Robert Earle, has demanded that he produce the screenplay for his next picture. Pat is sent over to his hotel suite to assist him. Earle is handsome, intelligent and charming. He is everything that Pat is not, but opposites can attract.

“Can’t Repeat The Past? Why Of Course You Can!”

Pat Hobby has been commissioned to re-write a classic film script, one that he worked on in the past. If Pat can turn around the script in time he might then be able to turn his fortunes around. But fortune favours the brave, rather than the inept.

Pat Hobby’s Race Against Thyme

It’s the day of the big race and Pat Hobby needs to pick the right horse, not least because he needs to pay off his bar tab at Malley’s Tavern. Pat meets Sally, an attractive and lucky tipster. Will Pat win the race and the girl?

Whisky Galore

“The lunatics have taken over the asylum,” the veteran director Frank Bradman exclaims, as forty-nine year old screenwriter Pat Hobby is given a part as an extra in a movie. Pat has just one line to deliver, in his role as a drunk. But unfortunately Pat may be taking his role too seriously.

“It’s Everybody’s Fight.”

Europe is at war, but Pat Hobby’s current battle is to convince the British actor Nigel Chester to sign up to a career in Hollywood. The two men find an ally in each other, but how much will Pat prove to be his own worst enemy again?

Praise for Raffles: The Complete Innings:

“Classy, humorous and surprisingly touching tales of cricket, friendship and crime.”

(David Blackburn, The Spectator).

Praise for A Hero of Our Time:

‘An elegant novel which is awash with both hope and tragedy. A Hero of Our Time is a must read for anyone interested in WWII or 19th Century Russian Literature.’ (Nigel Jones, author of Countdown To Valkyrie)

Praise for Warsaw:

“Warsaw is a work of power. It has the authentic feeling that pulses from an important book. The meticulous research and psychological insights light up one of the most ghastly episodes in the history of man’s inhumanity to man.”
Patrick Bishop, author of Fighter Boys and A Good War.

About The Author

Richard Foreman is the author of numerous best-selling Kindle books, including Augustus: Son of Rome and the Raffles series of historical crime novellas. He is also the author of Warsaw, a literary novel set during the end of the Second World War. He lives in London.

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