Pat Hobby’s Last Shot

mini-Pat Hobby's Last Shotat Hobby, the forty-nine year old screenwriter, is back. Richard Foreman brings F. Scott Fitzgerald’s comic creation back to life – his cynicism, alcoholism and bad luck – in two wonderfully funny and melancholy short stories. Foreman, the acclaimed author of the Raffles series of books, injects his trademark dry wit and surprise twists into each story, whilst honouring the spirit of Fitzgerald’s original sketches.

Pat Hobby’s Last Shot includes the following stories.

Pat Hobby’s Last Shot. Taken from the collection, The Return of Pat Hobby.
Pat is a man with a plan. He is going to extract some money out of his ex-wife and her new husband for a film project. How? He is going to pretend to be dying. He has the morals (or lack of) and the plot for the movie. But is he in possession of that most precious of commodities in Hollywood, good luck?

Whisky Galore. taken from the collection, The Great Pat Hobby.
Pat has been given the opportunity to play an extra in a new film. What’s more he has been asked to play a drunk. But will art imitate life too much?

Richard Foreman is the author of the Raffles: The Gentleman Thief series of books and the historical novel, A Hero of Our Time. He lives in London.

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