Raffles: Playing On

mini-Raffles-playing-onA.J. Raffles has left the country in mysterious circumstances. Harry “Bunny” Manders is left back in London, to worry about his friend and listen to all sorts of rumours concerning his sudden disappearance. Bunny has troubles of his own however. The father of Lucy Rosebery, Prescott Rosebery, will not consent to his daughter marrying someone with so little social standing and income.

Raffles suddenly returns though – and one of his first tasks is to arrange a cricket match against a highly accomplished team, captained by Prescott Rosebery. The teams will be playing for more for than just pride however – and even the great Raffles will have to call upon a special player to help him win the day.

Raffles: Playing On is filled with the trademark warmth, wit and twists that have helped define this bestselling historical crime series so far.

Richard Foreman’s Raffles Series has been widely praised:

‘A capital story! Strong characters, sparkling dialogue, a plot with a twist as the gentleman thief plies his trade again. Devotees of the original stories will rejoice at his return: new fans will greet a fresh hero and wait impatiently for more adventures. Raffles, burglar extraordinaire, master cricketer, welcome back to The Albany!’ (David Dickinson, author of The Lord Powerscourt Mysteries)

Raffles: Bowled Over:

‘This story is not only a joy because of the wonderful characterizations of Raffles and Bunny, but the rest of the ensemble is both amusing and full of personality. I found myself often laughing with Raffles and cringing with Bunny at the various people they encounter. The casual mention of real people like H.G.Wells, Winston Churchill and the famous sportsman C.B.Fry – here a friend of Raffles – naturally brings authenticity to the story, and you really do feel like you’re witnessing history first hand.’ (Dawn, The Baker Street Babes)

Raffles: Omnibus Volume 1:

‘The exploitative rich are robbed, habitual criminals are caught, and men of true nobility triumph… Raffles… is a debonair rogue — a sparkling bon vivant with penchants for cricket and larceny … [but] Foreman gives himself more latitude with Bunny… who grows in stature (and cunning) over the books.’ (David Blackburn, The Spectator)

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